My name is Jessi, and I live in the middle of Washington's rugged Cascade mountains with two lazy cats and two crazy dogs. I love to learn, and I'm constantly exploring new ideas, thoughts, and artistic designs. I love hearing the words, "That's not possible", because that's usually when good ideas are born.

I find that my creative mind rarely stays dormant for long, which is why I have a variety of different art forms in my shop. I enjoy watching the evolution of the creative process, and pushing my limits as an artist.

As well as creating, I also work as a full-time middle school Special Education teacher. My kids teach me a lot about life, and that each day is precious.  

Thanks for visiting my shop....and to see past, present, and future projects, check out my Facebook page here:

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I also have a vintage shop where I share the treasures I find while looking for postcards and buttons to inspire my metalworking...

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