ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE TEAM

    Captained by our own Anne of  Made for Me by Oaklie    
  We welcome our partner Team in the On Fire /Statteam Treasury Challenge...

      For those of you who have been participating in the Joint Challenge between STATTEAM and On Fire for Handmade hosted by our own Leader~Anne~ here is the link where you can catch up on all that is going on in the Challenge... This is a first, that I know of, in Etsy history! For 2 teams to join together to promote and support each other is new to the Etsy world. 
We felt that it was about time that the divisions were crossed and teams started to work together toward a common goal... We are all here to become successful in our businesses, and what better way than to have cross promotion with other Teams... We hope you agree and will join in the Challenge every week. The thread will be posted on STATTEAM discussion page and also you can post your treasury entry on Anne's On Fire for Handmade Facebook page at 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnFireforHandmade/  where it will be shared with the On Fire team and also Facebook members.... 
To  see the Winners posted and also to keep up with everything going on in the  On Fire for Handmade team... you can visit her at the On Fire website to see all of the entries featured....
On Fire for Handmade/STATTEAM  Joint Treasury Challenge
We hope you are enjoying the Challenges and will keep up the fantastic number of entries that have been happening so far...... Go STATTEAM and On Fire for Handmade!

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